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While searching for a smaller more affordable alternative to the classic Volcano vaporizer, I came across the herbalAire H2.1. After reading multiple claims and seeing a YouTube video that claimed the herbalAire was more efficient than some larger, more expensive vaporizers, I had to try it for myself. It is affectionately referred to by some as the, “mini Volcano.” The H2.1 packs a surprising punch in a small package.

This unit falls into the tabletop category of vaporizers and retails online for under $200 – shipped. Made in Canada the herbalAire is built solidly with low maintenance Teflon and easy to clean parts. The standard kit includes the vaporizer, an external pump, crucible, whips, clamps, and four bags. Setting up the vaporizer is fairly simple though, however, can get a little tangled with the external pump having its own power cord and connection tubing. It works by heating up the herb in a metal crucible and can be attached to a whip or inflate a bag. Heat times for the herbalAire don’t take too long and range from 2-5 minutes. A bright color changing LED lets you know when it’s ready. Inflating a bag can take another minute or two.

The included instructions claim the vaporizer is so efficient there is no need to grind your material. After using the herbalAire for a while I found that in the end I got more vapor when I at least coarsely ground my mix. The herbalAire works fantastically, I was surprised by the thick clouds of vapor it produced.
One of the few downsides to this vaporizer, however, is the external pump. It can get pretty loud and even vibrate things off a coffee table. I found myself putting the pump away and using the direct inhale whip most of the time.

A few pros and cons:

Pros: Small, functional and affordable. The herbalAire is also versatile, you can choose to inflate bags or attach the whip.

Cons: External pump, one crucible and balance. As mentioned before the external pump is a bit of an issue, another is the vaporizer can sometimes tip over if you’re not careful.

In the end the herbalAire H2.1 is a great tabletop vaporizer with some features previously only found on much more expensive units. The versatility of this vaporizer makes up for its few short comings, overall an A-.

By: J