Ever wondered what the best way to clean your glass was?  In my personal pot smoking career I have heard various ideas from hot water to eye contact solution.  If you have tried some of these techniques then you probably came out with cleaner piece then you started with, but today Im going to share the 100% best way to due away with all the resin and buildup.


  • -A dirty piece
  • -zip-loc bag
  • -Epsom Salt (found at your local pharmacy)
  • -91% Rubbing Alcohol (found at your local pharmacy)
  • -q-tips
  • -a sink with running water


Step 1) Run the dirty glass piece through hot water briefly to loosen up the resin.

Step 2) Place the piece in a Ziploc bag and pour in rubbing alcohol until the piece is completely submerged.

Step 3) Close the bag and start shaking it rapidly

Step 4)  At this point the rubbing alcohol should be dark brown.  Pour out the rubbing alcohol and refill the bag with rubbing alcohol once more, again completely submerging the glass pipe.

Step 5) Add a good amount of Epsom salt.  Close the bag and shake rapidly.  The mixture will grab the resin off the sides of the piece.

Step 6) Pour out the mixture and rinse the bowl thoroughly.  Make sure to run water through it to ensure that there are no remains of buildup, salt, and alcohol.  Once you get a wiff of the alcohol/resin combo you will know what I mean when I say nobody wins when you don’t completely rinse it out.

Step 7) For a more thorough cleaning, take q-tips and carefully scrape away any extra resin you may see through the openings.  This really depends on how your bowl is shaped, and how much of a perfectionist you are.


Note; The steps for a bong are very similar.  Simply create the mixture of alcohol and Epsom salt in a Ziploc bag, then pour it into the bong.  With your hand and finger covering all openings shake the bong vigorously and watch your bong become crystal clear.