How to Roll a Perfect Joint

WSJ Team January 11, 2013 2

In this how-to we show you how to roll a proper joint. To us, there is nothing like the taste of fine bud in a perfectly rolled joint. They are easy to take on the go and enjoyed by all! With this guide and a little bit of practice, you’ll be rolling perfect joints in no time!


  • Rolling papers
  • Filter tip
  • Product
  • Grinder
  • Rolling Tray (optional)



Step 1: Prepare your paper and filter tip
Roll up your filter tip and set aside. Take your paper out and fold up the bottom 1/3 to create a nice seam that will hold the filter tip and material. Lay your filter tip on one end of your paper.



Step 2: Pre-roll placement and preparation

Place your material evenly in the seam of the paper.  Careful not to get any near the filter end as this will cause an unsightly finished product. Grab the ends of the paper on the filter tip end and continue to distribute your material evenly. Side note, if you keep more material at the end of the paper you’ll achieve a more cone-like joint.



Step 3: Pinch & Roll

This is the most crucial step to a perfect joint. When you begin rolling bear in mind the joint will take its shape from the filter.  To initiate the start of your roll make sure you can comfortably hold the joint without much material falling out. To pack down the material while holding the joint, use your non-filter hand to gently give it shape.  Now, you want to pinch down every so slightly on the filter, rolling the paper around it and giving it its beginning shape.  Continue to roll with the filter while gradually moving up the joint using your other hand.  Note, you may have to roll and unroll a few times to get it just right.


If you get a good roll over the filter, you will see how simple it really is!  Continue rolling up…


Time to lick. Then, roll your filter hand forward while using your other hand to apply the seal.



Step 4: The Clean Up

Some may have fallen out. That’s alright, just gather it and put it off to the side for a second. Give your joint a few “drops” so the material inside can conform to the joint more tightly.  Doing so will make sure the joint is uniform throughout.


Add the remainder of your product, twist up the end, and you’re ready to go!


WSJ Team


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  2. Jaxon April 14, 2017 at 8:44 PM - Reply

    This is NOT a perfect joint. In the picture, the tip is wider than the mouthpiece, which is actially the exact opposite of a perfect joint. You want both ends to be even. The REASON why you want the ends even is because the wide tip of the joint will burn so hot, that your THC will litetally disintegrate and will no longer be useful. PLEASE update with correct pictures and info and do more reaearch before posting.

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