The Tower of London was built by William the Conqueror in 1078 and was immediately thought of as a symbol of oppression. and was later used as a prison. It has a long history of political intrigue, murder, torture and executions.

The Tower’s horrid history begins in 1471 with the murder of King Henry V1.  The King was weak and Britain had fallen into despair as a result. He was murdered while kneeling in prayer Historians believe his murderer was Richard III at midnight. Each year on the anniversary of his death, his apparition appears and paces back in forth until the last chime of 12 is struck. Then he vanishes and rests for another year.

Anne Boleyn was a political victim. Anne Boleyn: One of the most famous women victims of political and religious strife. She was queen of England for a short time while married to King Henry VIII. He had her beheaded on charges of adultery and incest. King Henry was a known ladies man and cut ties with the Catholic church when they refused to give him an annulment from his former wife. He was not married to Anne very long before he found himself a new lover. Historians believe that he made up the charges against Anne as a means to clear the way for him to marry his new love interest. It is said that her spirit cannot rest and roams the castle halls.

Margaret Pole, Countess of Salisbury was a victim of King Henry V111’s vengeance. He was furious at her son Cardinal Pole. The cardinal was safe in France where Henry V111 could not touch him. So, instead he imprisoned his 72 year old mother. In May of 1541, Margaret was to be executed. She refused to kneel for the executioner and instead ran. The executioner chased the woman down, hacking her to death. It is said that at night both Pole and her executioner run around the castle grounds, replaying the bloody scene for all eternity.

Twelve year old Edward V was set to be crowned king after his father’s sudden death. However, he was declared illegitimate and his uncle, Richard III was set to be crowned. Edward and his brother mysteriously disappeared and it was rumored that Richard III had them murdered. Their two skeletons were discovered buried beneath a staircase in 1674. There have been many reports of the ghosts of the children clutching themselves in terror.