About two months ago I made the decision to finally go out and get myself a new grinder.  As do most other shoppers, when making a purchase we weigh out the pros and cons of each option.  I had a few main concerns when approaching this dilemma; I was looking for a grinder that was high quality and relatively inexpensive.  The word inexpensive lead me to resort to ebay, where I was able to purchase a 3.5” Black Sharpstone grinder for about $35 including shipping.  Locally, you can probably purchase a Sharpstone grinder for about $50 from a nearby headshop.

I received the grinder in a light blue sleeve as shown in the pictures provided.  Upon first glance your eyes are immediately stunned by the polished finish of the grinder.  When taken apart you can see about 25 teeth, all of the same size, laid out in a spiral-like pattern. The grinder is outfitted with grips on the top and bottom pieces so you can easily open it up without hurting yourself in the process. The top layer magnet has never given me trouble and stays in place even when turned upside down. Overall I would say that the Sharpstone grinder definitely matches, if not obliterates the competition in regards to physical appeal.  In my case, the black finish gives the grinder a sleek and classy touch.  You can purchase this exact grinder in many colors, stemming from original to copper.

Now you may what good does a nice looking grinder do if it can’t perform? Well the Sharpstone grinder doesn’t just look great, but also breaks down buds to a nice even consistency.  The openings between the top and middle compartment vary from small circles to larger ovals that envelop the grinded bud in just a few turns.  I have not yet had a problem with grinding any amount of buds with this grinder.  Even after consistent heavy use (for testing purposes of course) the grinder hasn’t seemed to jam, require cleaning or maintenance, or even dull in the slightest.  The only major difference that I have noticed between now and first receiving my grinder is that after some use it becomes more difficult to grind the buds due to inevitable resin buildup along the circumpherance of the grinder.

My favorite aspect of this grinder is without a doubt the quality of the kief catcher.  Prior to owning this grinder I had been living a lie, but after witnessing the outstanding harvest that takes place in the lower compartment of my grinder, I can now say that my life has changed.  I am not exaggerating when I say that the Sharpstone grinder’s kief catcher tops most competitors.  Having a quality kief catcher contributes to the joy of the marijuana culture simply by adding the intrigue of collecting mass amounts of THC over time.  On top of the great performance of the catcher, it also comes with small black scraper that you can use to collect and move around your kief.  This makes it way easier to maneuver it around for use without losing any precious THC.