Show Your Support: Sign the Petition to Pardon Weldon Angelos

WSJ Team January 15, 2013 1

The story of Weldon Angelos speaks volumes about the unfairness of mandatory minimum sentencing.

Angelos was ensnared in an undercover marijuana purchase that reeked of entrapment. In 2003, more than a year after he had been arrested, Angelos was found guilty on several counts. Because of mandatory minimum statutes, the presiding judge—a Bush appointee named Paul Cassell—was left with no discretion at sentencing. After asking the prosecuting and defense attorneys to advise him on the constitutionality of the sentence, a distraught Cassell handed down a fifty-five-year term, a punishment he called “unjust, cruel and even irrational.” He urged then-President Bush to pardon the young father of three and right a clear judicial wrong.

Bush didn’t pardon him. Neither have you, President Obama

The petition needs 25,000 signatures by February 9, 2013 to be reviewed by the Obama administration

To learn more about Weldon Angelos’ case, read this profile from Families Against Mandatory Minimums

To sign the petition click here to be redirected to Whitehouse Petition Website

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  1. Donald Valdez March 3, 2013 at 2:44 AM - Reply

    I’ve known Weldon practically my whole life and the 55 year sentence he was given was cruel and unusual punishment he is a good person never have I ever known him to be a bad person that would deserve that kind of sentence I truly hope Obama pardons him he deserves to be back with his family especially after almost done serving 10 years of that 55 year bid he was sadly given

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