Snoop Dogg Has Documentary and Own Brand of Rolling Papers

WSJ Team September 29, 2012 0

I will never forget my first Snoop Dog concert. I had just started writing for a magazine and was sent to do a review and take photos. I’m not a big fan of rap but must admit I have always liked Snoop Dog. There is something about him that gives me the impression that, despite the gangsta seriousness, there is a part of him that knows not to take life too seriously.

It took some time for me to get in to the show. I had my emailed confirmation from his PR but it seemed that communication between PR and backstage management wasn’t happening. Finally, I was allowed in and Snoop didn’t disappoint. Usually, the press are only allowed 3 songs and then they get escorted out of the building. Snoop’s people didn’t seem bothered about that, and I was allowed to stay and wander around in the audience. Yes fond memories, especially about the smoke that was being passed around in the audience.  My teenage son said that he got a big laugh at me when I arrived home. I was so high that it took me 20 minutes to unlock the back door (which wasn’t even locked).

Snoop has been busy and has several projects on the horizon. His documentary, Reincarnated, premiered at the Toronto International Film Festival to wave reviews. Said critic David Rooney, Reincarnated is, “an all-access pass to an artist embarking on a new path, this is entertaining stuff–funny disarming, even poignant.”

He has started his own film company and is the CEO of  Snoopadelic Films. His online shop, Snoopermarket sells everything from slippers to rolling papers. (

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