Sputnik review and information

Sputnik is a sativa weed strain.

Sputnik can make you feel tingly and has been reported to help with depression. Sputnik has a relatively strong pear aroma. Some side effects and negatives has been experienced with this strain including .

Sativa strains' physical and mental effects have been used to treat a number of disabling symptoms related to medical conditions such as stress, depression, anxiety, A.D.H.D., pain, headaches, nausea, and fatigue. Sativas' energizing and mood-boosting effects help patients reach a state of calm, positive thoughts, and relaxation. For the most part, most sativa strains offer users an intoxicating high that increases creativity, productivity, and energy. Sativa strains elicit happiness, euphoria, and focus.

Sputnik characteristics and details

What is Sputnik used for?

➜Sputnik has been reported to help with depression, pain, stress.

How does Sputnik smell?

➜Sputnik aroma is recorded as pear, tea, rose.

How does Sputnik make you feel?

➜Sputnik can make you feel tingly, energetic.

What are Sputnik's side effects?

➜Negative impacts ofSputnik are dry mouth.

What happens when you cross a space-themed Apollo 13 strain with Black Russian? You get Sputnik, a strain named after the satellite the Soviet Union launched into a quick orbit around the Earth in 1957. Sputnik has an aroma of a sweet fruit with hints of sour and diesel when exhaled. Patients typically look to Sputnik for relief of chronic pain, anxiety, and insomnia.