States to Vote on Legalized Marijuana Use This Election Day

WSJ Team November 2, 2012 0


This election day seven states will vote on the use of legalized marijuana use.  The outcome of these votes will either speed up or slow down the use of legalized marijuana in states across the country and even on a federal level. Is your state one of those voting? Do you know someone who lives in a one of these states? Lets encourage one another to vote this election day. Here is a run-down of what is at stake.

Arkansas will vote on Measure 5, The Arkansas Medical Marijuana Act of 2012. If passed, the measure will legalized the use of cannabis for the treatment of cancer, Crohn’s disease, fibromyalgia and PTSD. Cannabis will be distributed through non-profit dispensaries. Patients living more than five miles away from a dispensary will be allowed to grow up to six plants.

Colorado will vote on Amendment 64, which will legalized the use of marijuana by anyone over the age of 21. The amendment will allow the possession of up to one ounce of marijuana and the cultivation of 6 plants. If passed, the state will set up laws allowing for the retail selling of marijuana. This is a tight race with polling surveys showing 53 percent in favor and 43 percent against.

Massachusetts will vote on Question 3, which would legalize the use of  medical marijuana. Patients will be able to grow their own plants if they cannot access a state licensed dispensary. There seems to be some vague language in Question 3: authorized patients are allowed a 60 day supply. What type of illness will be considered authorized and what will be considered a 60 day supply is not made clear.

Michigan voters in four of the state’s cities will decide on laws to legalize the use of marijuana within city limits. Detroit will vote on Proposal M, which would make it legal to be in possession of marijuana on one’s private property. In Flint, voters will decide whether or not to amend the city code so that cannabis use is legal on one’s private property. Grand Rapids will vote on Proposal 2, which would give police officers the choice to ticket a first time offender instead of arresting them. The ticket will give a fine of  only $25.00 and no criminal record. Finally in Ypsilanti voters will have the opportunity to make the arrest of marijuana users the cities lowest police enforcement priority.

Montana voters will have the opportunity to repeal new laws restricting the already voter-approved medical marijuana law.

Oregon voters will vote on Measure 80, the Oregon Cannabis Tax Act. This will legalize the production and retail sale of marijuana to those age 18 years and older


Washington voters will decide on I-502. This will set up laws allowing for the growing of marijuana plants for sale Polls show voters in favor by 56 percent to 37 percent

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