Those suffering from insomnia face two basic problems, inability to fall asleep and then staying asleep. Insomnia itself could be the outcome of several other conditions like stress, anxiety, depression and loneliness. It may directly interfere with your productivity and quality of the life you lead. However, now there are plenty of ways of treating the disorder. While there are plenty of over the counter drugs available in the market that can treat your condition, most of these medicines produce side effects like drowsiness and tiredness that induce sleep. This may further affect your quality of work and under such circumstances the best alternative to medicine is medicinal marijuana. Even marijuana comes in many forms and varieties, but here we will discuss how Strawberry Cough strain can effectively treat insomnia without compromising you daily life. To begin with the greatest advantage of the strawberry cough marijuana strain is that it is one of the most commonly available varieties of marijuana. As a sativa dominant hybrid, it contains 80% sativa and 20% indica properties

Strawberry Cough weed

Its name, “Strawberry Cough” is kept for obvious reasons. Strawberry, simply because the first sniff of the marijuana smells like a berry; similar to that of a strawberry, with some sweetness and a slight sourness too. Once you inhale it, it directly hits at the lungs, making you cough, especially if you’re a novice marijuana user. However, having said all the above, the Strawberry Cough weed is one of the best solutions for insomnia. It not only treats insomnia directly, but also treats its underlying causes, including anxiety and depression. Many say that after hitting hard at the lungs, the Strawberry Cough hits the brain and immediately gets to work, creating a heavy hazy effect without completely knocking you out.

Insomnia patients are said to experience a clear head that keeps you stress free and in control so you can sleep tight for the night. The Strawberry Cough weed sometimes provides a strong high and therefore it is advisable to use at night only. But, if you feel dealing with the stress of your daily life is too heavy, a lighter dose of Strawberry Cough can be consumed during the day time as well.

Strawberry Cough weed

You can get Strawberry Cough seeds from the market, or order online from a reliable source. It can be grown indoors and grows up to 3 feet tall. With tight buds and plenty of pine cones, the plant even manages to look good and smell good in the house.  A natural alternate to medicine for insomnia, marijuana provides effective treatment against the disorder. Also, unlike medicines that come with side effects that may cause drowsiness and draining of energy, Strawberry Cough is also an energy booster. Note that it is in no way a substitute for carbohydrates, but keeps you in high spirits and also relieves fatigue, replenishing all the lost energy taken from a stressful work day.

Clock out, get home, and enjoy the rest of your night.

Bret – WSJ Team