The Tehran University of Medical Science has published a paper in Toxicology Mechanisms and Methods, in which they state that they have found that cannabis to be effective in the treatment of liver cancer.

Researchers used two types of artificial cannabis called CB65 and ACEA.  They wrote in their paper that the two cannabinoids reduced cancer cell viability and interfered with cancer growth.

Previous studies done by other researchers have demonstrated that cannabinoids inhibit cell growth in many types of cancers including brain, lymphoma, prostate, lungs, breast and pancreatic cancer cells.

Researchers are stating that they believe there is clear evidence that cannabis could be an effective treatment against cancer.  Yet, the federal government and the medical community at large is standing staunch in their views that there is no medical use for marijuana.

Marijuana has no known side effects and will not only keep the cancer from spreading, but will also fight depression and other side effects associated with chemotherapy including nausea and pain.