You’ve stuffed yourself with turkey, mashed potatoes and apple pie. YUM! You smoked a bowl and now going back for seconds. Then what? You want to take a nap but nope, your Great Aunt Mary wants to play a game of Thanksgiving trivia. The loser has to rub Aunt Mary’s feet (corns and all). Now you don’t want to rub Aunt Mary’s feet and we don’t want you too , neither. So we have given you a few facts on Thanksgiving.

Thanksgiving is held on the third Thursday of the month for monetary reasons. President Franklin Roosevelt set the day in 1939 after being pressured by the retail industry to lengthen the holiday shopping season.

Benjamin Franklin wanted the turkey to be the national bird (and not the bald eagle). Franklin felt that the turkey was a more “respectable” bird than the eagle.

A Philadelphia apartment store called Gimbels sponsored the first Thanksgiving day parade in 1920.

A 1920’s dance called “the turkey trot” was inspired by the turkey’s awkward movements.

The first Thanksgiving football game happened in 1876

Not all of the pilgrims came for religious freedom. Others came for political reasons. About a third of them were hired craftsman needed to build homes, streets and work the land.

The pilgrims did not want to land at Plymouth. They originally wanted to land in the Hudson River, just north of modern day New York City. Bad weather and dwindling supplies were the reasons they chose Plymouth.

The pilgrims did not name Plymouth. It had been named by previous explorers. In fact, some of the crew of the Mayflower had been to American before on fishing and exploration trips.

248 million turkeys were raised and sold last year.

Thanksgiving traffic is the highest of the year with 42.2 million travelers on the highways