Marijuana prohibition has been in place now for well over 70 years. Initially started as a smear campaign with racist and discriminatory roots, the vilification of nature’s natural medicine strongly took hold. Fast forward to 1996 where California’s Proposition 215 made it the first US state to recognize marijuana as a medicine. Since then, 20 more states and the District of Columbia have enacted medical marijuana laws.  With the growing number of doctors and lawmakers recognizing the medicinal benefits of marijuana we wonder when the NFL and other major sports groups will do the same. Check out the video below from a recent discussion on Fox Sports.

[youtube id=”cGlZmp4-UX0″ width=”600″ height=”350″]

While you heard a bunch of BS in this video, it is interesting to see the different stances on this controversial topic. It should be no secret to NFL commissioner Roger Goodell that his players smoke marijuana. Regularly you hear of active NFL players being arrested for marijuana possession and or use. Football is a very physical sport with a demanding schedule. Players constantly deal with pain and injuries both on and off season. Whether these professional athletes use marijuana to relieve pain or stress is their business. It’s about time the NFL wakes up. What’s wrong with using a natural substance to relieve pain instead of popping pills that can ruin major organs, create horrible addictions or even worse, cause death?