Virginia SB 686 Scheduled For Debate on 1/28/15!

WSJ Team January 27, 2015 0

Virginia – On Friday, Jan. 23rd, the Weed Street Journal published a brief synopsis of the proposed VA Senate Bill 686 (SB 686) led by NoVa lawmaker, Adam Ebbin of Arlington. Since informing the growing population of marijuana activists of SB 686, we are pleased to announce it has finally been scheduled for docket the afternoon of January 28th, 2015 to the Courts of Justice. The time is still TBD but will include a 30-minute session after the conclusion of regular session, in Senate Room B. Representatives of Mr. Ebbin’s office encourage those planning to attend in person to main a professional demeanor, to include appropriate attire, seeing as we are trying to convince authority of the common misconceptions of recreational marijuana use.

The committee will meet 30 minutes after the conclusion of the General Assembly Session. In order to be there by the start time and to get a seat, arrive by 1:30 PM EST  (you might have to wait around for a time but that ensures that you will be there for the hearing). Can’t make it? Don’t worry – the Weed Street Journal will cover the outcome of the hearing, so you can sit back and enjoy your favorite strand while hopefully learning of the official introduction of SB 686 to the state. Still not sure of what SB 686 is? We’ve got you covered there too – click here to learn more.

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