The Volcano is one of the most luxurious smoking devices on the market today. The way it primarily works is it heats up you medical herb, and then using a fan it pushes it up into a bag that inflates with vapor. I had the opportunity to use it on a bi-weekly basis. First of all, the aroma that the volcano creates when it is heating your herb is so delicious that I had to mention it in the review. It really makes ingesting your cannabis a delicious experience. Another huge benefit that the volcano has is its adjustable bag. You can pretty much make a bag that can fill up as much as you want so that it could be passed around with a large group of people. Also, since it is a vaporizer you know that you are not breathing in as many toxins and really preserving your lungs while you medicate.

Some problems I have with the Volcano are that the person who owns it usually has to set up the Volcano because of the somewhat complicated process. Luckily, I was able to learn the process and aid the owner of the Volcano. Another problem I had was the waiting time for device to heat up. It would take around 5 minutes before you could start using it. Lastly, it costs a lot of money to upwards of 600 dollars for a newer model, and 200-300 for a used one.

If you have deep pockets, the volcano is definitely a good buy. Especially, since there are medical studies on the efficacy of the Volcano.

Tips and Tricks:

The bigger the bag the better. The larger you make the bag the less time you have to waste reconnecting the bag to the machine and refilling it with vapor.

Heat up the volcano while you are preparing your herb so that you finish when you finish packing it is ready to be vaporized.

Save your vaped goods. They can be used for cooking if you collect a decent amount.

Teach other people how to use it so that you do not have to do all of the work yourself during the session.