White Widow is a sativa/indica hybrid that is world renowned. It has won numerous awards including the Cannabis Cup Championship in 1995. The bud is known for its extreme crystal production that makes it look like its been dipped and rolled in sugar.  The highly resinous plant is easy to grow and perfect for beginning growers. It is relatively mold resistant and it remains hardy even in colder conditions. The buds of a White Widow plant have serious bag appeal and the punch to back it up. You can expect 15-20% THC level in this beautiful plant. Its a great smoke for daytime medicating as the effect leaves users relaxed yet energized and ready to tackle any task at hand. Between its sugar covered look, funky smell and medicinal qualities, its no wonder why White Widow is one of the most commercially available strains on the market today.  White Widow has been a WSJ all time favorite!

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