Our friends over at Wholly Hemp sent us a sample of their 100% natural and organic hemp wick and asked us to write up and honest review of their product.  Here at The Weed Street Journal we always speak our mind, and after putting this wick to the test I found that their hemp wick competes with the best in regards to lighting your bowl or pipe.

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Upon delivery we received 10 feet of natural hemp wick along with a very unique glass holder.  The glass holder is about 3 inches in height, filled with wick, and is topped with a cork.  In the direct center of the cork lid is a hole large enough to allow the desired amount of wick to stem out for use.  In comparison to other wick holders I have seen, this one seems to be able to hold a larger amount of tightly packed wick, doing away with constant repacking. When you need more wick, all you have to do is gently pull on the emanating wick until the desired length slides out of the holder.

Wholly Hemp’s wick combines the powers of all natural hemp with organic beeswax to deliver a cleaner, more savory hit from your smoking device.  Rather than lighting your pipe the old fashioned way, risking your health by inhaling butane and other harmful chemicals, hemp wick does away with the risk and allows you to enjoy your smoke session without the lingering thought of butane inhalation.  Not only is it a safer, cleaner way to smoke, but it also delivers an adjustable flame height to cater to your needs.  Personally, I am not a fan of torched bowls and wasted buds, so the ability to adjust to a small flame to corner a bowl is necessary.  In order to adjust the flame height, simply tilt the flame upwards or downwards. Tilting it upwards will lessen the height, while tilting it downwards will increase the height of the flame.  This wick burns at a slow and consistent pace making it less of a chore to maintain and keep lit, while also saving you money.

Overall, it was a pleasure to have the opportunity to review such a fine product.  I highly recommend you give hemp wick a try as it will surely add to any smoking experience.  You can find more info at http://www.whollyhemp.com/


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