Pre Rolled Cones (Organic Hemp) Photo Credit: The Cones Factory

Why Hemp Makes a Premium Cone

Cannabis smokers and dispensary owners alike want smoother smokes and a pleasant high. But getting the perfect smoke can feel like a chore with the overwhelming number of options out there. For example, how do you know your pre-roll cone is adding to your smoke? Here’s a hint, go to the source. For many cannabis enthusiasts, hemp seems to offer the best possible experience. Here’s why it makes a premium cone every time. 

Why Hemp? It’s Popular for a Reason

There’s a reason people have been growing and using cannabis for thousands of years. Along with the medicinal and recreational benefits of cannabis, the practical perks of hemp make it the right choice when it’s time to choose which cone to fill. Here are some of our favorite reasons to recommend hemp pre-rolls. 

  • Natural Flavoring: Many smokers want to get the full flavor of their bud. But that can be difficult with flavored papers or papers that have been heavily processed. Hemp is all-natural, maintaining the true flavor of the cannabis in the cone while enhancing it with the flavor of hemp. 
  • Eco-Friendly Approach: Most farmers grow their hemp organically or non-GMO, which makes hemp more sustainable to produce than other cone or roll papers. Additionally, the lack of additives needed in the process is a major benefit to the planet as well. For the eco-friendly smokers and dispensary owners out there, organic hemp papers are a no-brainer 
  • Fewer Additives: Speaking of additives, there are many highly-processed papers out there that could pose a health risk due to the inhalation of these substances. Titanium oxide, calcium carbonate, and chlorine bleach can all be found in rolling papers and cones commonly used today. While smoking carries its own risks, hemp cones don’t add any additional health risks or concerns, which is especially important for medicinal cannabis users with pre-existing health conditions. 
  • Sturdy Yet Thin: A great cone is sturdy, but not so inflexible that it ruins the burn. Hemp cones offer a premium experience because they’re durable yet flexible. They hold up well, but they smoke even better. 

For a Smooth, Natural Smoke, Go With Hemp!

There are a lot of premium blunt cones out there, making it easy to customize wraps, papers, and more. Whether you’re talking to a purist or someone who dabbles in unusual flavors and blends, many agree that hemp is the best choice when you’re ready for a premium cone. The cone itself has the natural hemp flavor that enhances every smoke. Plus, hemp provides an eco-friendly alternative to other cones and papers and doesn’t add the health risks that additives do. If you’re looking to treat yourself with your next cone, organic hemp will deliver the smoothness you want. 

Pre-rolled cones and tubes give dispensary owners premium options for customizing their packaging and streamlining their production. Upgrade your cones, starting with organic hemp. Then add your branding for a better all-around customer experience.