Volcano Vaporizer

A study led Donald I. Abrams, at the University of California San Francisco was conducted to test the efficacy and safety of vaporizing the active chemicals in marijuana. When marijuana is smoked harmful chemicals such as Carbon Monoxide are present and are harmful and toxic to the lungs. The study enrolled 18 patients, for 6 days, the patients were supervised by the General Clinical Research Center at San Francisco General Hospital Medical Center. In order to gauge the efficacy and safety of vaporization patients were given marijuana either by smoking or vaporization three times a day. The researchers would look for CO when the patients exhaled and measured the levels of carbon monoxide. The CO levels after smoking were increased after smoking as was expected. However, little to no CO increase was found after marijuana was inhaled from a vaporizer. The patients would then rate the high they would receive from both smoking and vaporization and suggested there was no difference in the highs.

For further reading on this study please visit: http://www.medicalnewstoday.com/articles/71112.php

A study was sponsored by California NORML and MAPS at Chemic Laboratories in Canton, Mass. The study tested whether a vaporizer called the M-1 Volatizer would efficiently deliver the active ingredients and eliminate harmful toxins that are found in marijuana smoke. The study concluded that toxins such as naphthalene, benzene, and toluene, were completely eliminated in the vapor and there was a decrease in carbon monoxide as well. The vaporizer delivered quality levels of Tetrahyrdocannabinol, Cannabidiol, and Cannabinol.

For further reading on this study please visit: http://ccrmg.org/journal/03sum/vaporize.html

A study was done on a particular vaporizing device called the Volcano, and was studied to see its efficacy in reducing harmful toxins that are evident in smoked marijuana. The NIDA supplied the researchers with marijuana which contained 4% THC. A gas chromatograph mass spectrometer shower the vapor had 95% THC with traces of other cannabinoids and the remaining 5% of small amounts of caryophyllene an oil that gives marijuana fragrance and in other plants. In marijuana smoke there were 111 different gasses, and non cannabinoids consisted of 88% of the total gas. The study concluded that vaporizers are an effective means of eliminating respiratory hazards of marijuana smoking.

For further reading on this study please visit: http://ccrmg.org/journal/03sum/vaporize.html